Dr. rer. nat. Lars Grunske
Boeing Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Personal details:

Boeing Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of ITEE
University of Queensland
Member of the ARC Centre for Complex Systems

Room 417 , IT Building (currently better known as General Purposes South),
St Lucia campus, Brisbane, Australia

Contact details:
Telephone: +61 7 3365 1648
Fax: +61 7 3365 1533
Email: grunske"at"itee.uq.edu.au

Research interests:
Software and Systems Engineering (including Engineering of Complex Systems; Component Based Systems; Software Architecture; System modelling; Formal Methods and Specification)
Safety Critical Systems (including Hazard and Risk Analysis; Safety Requirements, Architecture and High Level Design Evaluation for Safety Properties)
Software Transformation and Software Evolution (including Transformations with (Hyper)-Graph Grammars and Triple Graph Grammars; Architecture and Code Refactoring, Model Driven Architecture and Quality Aspects within MDA)

Teaching & postgraduate coursework:
ENGG4000 (Introduction to Systems Engineering)
ENGG7000 (Introduction to Systems Engineering)
ENGG7020 (Systems Safety Engineering)

Short bio:
Lars Grunske was a research assistant at the Department of Software Engineering and Quality Management of Hasso-Plattner-Institute for Software Systems Engineering. He received a diploma in informatics from the Technical University of Berlin and a diploma in computer engineering from the Berufsakademie Berlin. He worked for the Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin GmbH, Siemens AG TS and Siemens AG CT PP 2. In his recently finished Ph.D. thesis, he explores the problem on how to improve quality characteristics at an architectural level.

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Selected Publications:
Grunske L., Transformational Pattern for High-Level-Architectural Connectors , Proceedings of the The First Nordic Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (VikingPLoP 02), Helsingĝr/ Denmark, Microsoft Buisness Press, September 20-22, 2002, pp.81-91
Grunske L., Neumann R., Quality Improvement by Integrating Non-Functional Properties in Architecture Specification, Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Evaluating and Architecting System dependabilitY (EASY 02) at ASPLOS-X, San Jose/California, October 3-6, 2002, pp. 23-33
Neumann R., Grunske L., Kaiser B., Hierarchical Software Quality Models - A step towards quantifying non-functional properties, Proceedings of the 12th International Workshop on Software Measurement, Magdeburg, Shaker 2002
Grunske L., Transformational Patterns for the Improvement of Safety Properties in Architectural Specifications, Proceedings of the The Second Nordic Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (VikingPLoP 03), Bergen/Norge, 2003
Grunske L., Annotation of Component Specifications with Modular Analysis Models for Safety Properties, Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Component Engineering Methodology, Erfurt (WCEM 03), September 22, 2003, pp. 31-41
Grunske L., Improving Quality Characteristics by Architecture Evolution, accepted chapter, in H: Yang (ed.), Advances in Software Evolution with UML and XML to appear 2004
Grunske L., Automated Software Architecture Evolution with Hypergraph Transformation, in Proceedings of the 7th International IASTED on Conference Software Engineering and Application (SEA 03), Marina del Ray, Nov. 3-5, 2003, pp.613-621
Grunske L., Application of Behavior-Preserving Transformations to Improve Non-Functional Properties of an Architecture Specification, in Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Parallel/Distributed Computing (SNPD'03), Lübeck, October 16-18, 2003, pp. 439-446
Grunske L., A Visual Architecture Description Language for Embedded Systems with Hierarchical Typed Hypergraphs, in Proceedings 3rd Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling at the 18th ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications (OOPSLA 03), Anaheim, 2003, pp.1-8